• Dennis edits while Dana shoots, but we are both producers. We are the people you will meet in the beginning, we will be doing the filming, and we are there at the final presentation of your video.

    We're your collaborators.

    We're resourceful, and our pricing is competitive.

    Some of the projects on this site are interview-based, where we work from transcripts. Others are pre-scripted.

    We also work with you on the creative content, using our experience to strategize the best methods for communicating your message, mission, or idea.

    We would like you to consider that the quality of the video reflects on the quality of your organization.

    We use only professional quality cameras and edit systems. We keep our (and your) costs down by doing everything ourselves, but 1st Gear has only the highest standards for production values, and that includes lighting, sound and editing.

    We shoot with Sony's tapeless 1080HD or 4K, using PMW-EX3 and the PXW-FS7 cameras for high-resolution digital video. We use both shotgun and wireless mics and lights as needed, and edit on the latest Mac Pro computer with Final Cut Pro, while creating motion graphics with Apple Motion.

    Editing workflow is extremely collaborative, using Vimeo online for clients to view from rough cuts, to preview cuts, to final cut.

    Special to CPS: We are Vendor #67901